showcasing 10 amazing people with vitiligo.

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Insecurities, bullying, negative mindsets, self loathing, mental struggles, emotional struggles, suicide attempts, you name it!

Most people with Vitiligo had to deal with these hardships, wanting to get rid of it as the skin condition started to control their lives. Experiencing hardships of being an outsider because of visible differences. Whether you were born with this skin condition or it occured in a later stage in life. A skin condition which is standing in the way of living a 'normal' life and look like a 'normal' person to fit in with society. But what if we could turn these hardships into strength and switch our mindset to positive, self-loving and empowering thoughts?

Watch how these strong and inspiring people talking about these hardships and how they have managed to accept and embrace their Vitiligo.

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