Write It Down

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It is so underrated; the wonders that physically writing something down can do.

I found myself wondering after stumbling into a discussion with some friends, really, what is a thought until we give it life?

It remains just that, floating around in our mind; invisible.

I can’t be the only one who has ended up stuck on Instagram scrolling through those satisfying, organisation videos. There’s something about watching the chaos fall seamlessly into place.

Taking a pen to paper gives us the same power. The ability to organise what can not even be seen; our greatest desires, our intentions, how we actually feel etc.

For about 18 years I have kept a journal. I never spoke about my Vitiligo and experiences growing up. I only wrote about it. Almost 2 decades later and here I am. Finally speaking.

So grab your inspirations, take your elders advice, listen to your partner if you must; but never forget that you too can decide for yourself. What your future holds, is in your hands.

Writing is the drawing board; the screenplay of our life.

The best advantage is that it is only you and yourself when you write. No interruptions of anyone else’s inputs.

The most important conversations you will ever have in life, is with yourself.

Listen to yourself more.

Write it down.

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