Most people on social media know this title and some people certainly decorate their status with it in these arduous times. I, too, chose this heading and find it very appropriate, because what would we be without art?

I love art. What lies behind it or what definition each individual imagines underneath is, of course, a matter of interpretation. For me, art is in many different areas. Be it in the music, in the design or for example in the expression of an image. So I, too, started this year with a portraited work of my own.

I've always been interested in what it's like to be the subject of the presentation and to sit model. I fulfilled this wish with the artist Bertram Till.

Arriving in the artist's studio and living room, the fire in the fireplace was already blazing. This amazing fireplace would be my background for the drawing. Since our meeting was preceded by several photo shoots, it was a slightly easier undertaking to dedicate myself to this scenario. After all, it was the first time for me that I was drawn in this style and the nervousness hit me up to my neck. But it was my wish to sit model and be drawn. I had the scene from the bestselling movie "Titanic" in my head all the time, in which "Rose" was drawn by "Jack" shortly before hitting the iceberg. I literally listened to the music and imagined this part figuratively. That's exactly how you can imagine it :)

I lay in front of the fireplace, enveloped by the warmth of the flames, in my purest form of my feminine existence, and should no longer move. Of course, the whole thing did not have the best prerequisite for convenience. The artist demanded a certain degree of aesthetics and tension to his desired pose. Somehow it worked with the no-longer moving, but not quite with me. I didn't feel my right arm at some point and I remember thinking my little finger was turning blue. Also I started to articulate wildly at the last picture, because in the meantime we were immersed in the conversation and I completely forgot not to be allowed to move. So it came to the result that I changed the pose from time to time and really had to realize that the whole thing is quite challenging. Here it should also be mentioned, in front of people who are being drawn as a profession, I take my hat off.

The same applies to the artist. I am still fascinated by how Bertram Till puts this implementation of the presentation on paper. It is very impressive to see how someone captures this moment, not with the camera, only with a charcoal pen based on his talent.

Together we look at the pictures taken in the 3 hours. While I'm already happily swaying on it and commenting: "Here, I find my feet super beautiful" or "I find the proportions really harmonious" Bertram still remains quite thoughtful and self-critical on his paper. An artist is not only required to understand his craft, but also a high concentration and perseverance behind it. However, I immediately fell in love with one of the drawings, as it corresponded exactly to my ideas of my own artwork, perfectly sketched by me in advance. So my desire was illustrated and realised. Also, the joint exchange afterwards was very interesting. To simply hear and know what and, above all, how the artist actually thinks about his artwork himself.

The aspect of my Vitiligo was particularly interesting. The way my Vitiligo was perceived by the artist. It was exciting for me to see that Bertram drew me at first without any stains. However, in another picture he drew only the outlines of the spots and in another image shaded them in white. I notice this aspect again and again, in photography as well as in normal everyday life. There are people who don't even notice my spots or for who it goes without saying that they are there, a part of my overall picture. But there are also photographers and artists who completely retouch my spots when editing an image. I stand in front of the mirror every day and look for the variant for the day I like the best. Whether I choose a strong make-up to conceal my Vitiligo or whether I choose the natural look and present my spots. I like to try new things but I've always gone the natural way, because I love my Vitiligo and find myself beautiful as I am!

I will certainly not forget this wonderful afternoon and that is why I would like to thank the artist. The finished artwork now hangs at my home and is admired by family and friends :) !!

Writer: Selina Reinhart

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