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Time to live freely

Updated: Jan 12

Doing a recount of what a year it has been and looking back at the things that got on hold, I realized that I wasted days in my life before and sometimes just because out of fear. Fear of what people might think or say. Sometimes, it was just my own insecurities. I wasted my time waiting for the perfect moment or waiting to have the perfect body.

When I think of my life, I am very happy of what I have and all the things that I have accomplished. And maybe people who know me would think that I don't have insecurities, or you may think that I just go for it, whatever it is that I want. And maybe it is partially true, but there are always two sides of everything.

Before showing security of myself there was a previous process. There are parts of my skin for example that I am very used to showing off. I am very used to showing the vitiligo on my legs. Since I was little, I used to wear skirts and shorts or maybe even the uniform from school helped with that process. But when we talk about going to the beach and wear that bathing suit, my insecurities could kick in. And it could be the mix of not having the perfect body with showing new parts of my double color skin that could trigger it. But then one day I saw a middle-aged lady who was so confident and happy, she did not care about what anybody had to say, because you could see that she felt free and enjoying life to the fullest. And that made me think: “Why can't I be that person?”. So, she inspired me to be that person, to just let go and enjoy where you are. Maybe you can be that person who inspires somebody else to be themselves as well.

And after this crazy year that we had, where we were not able to travel, to go to the beach without restrictions, that we couldn’t hug and kissed our loved ones. All I could think of was: When I am free, I won’t hesitate anymore. Go and wear a bikini if you want, tell that person you like how you feel, let go of those things or people who don’t bring peace to your mind. Eat your favorite meal and plan that trip you always wanted. Truth is, we never know where we are going to be tomorrow, and we now know firsthand that things could change in one second. Let’s not waste time worrying about what other people might think or if they stare. Let them stare at your beauty, let them talk about how amazing you are. Let’s live life freely and without hesitation!

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