While browsing my Instagram account this morning, I came across a picture that reminded me of my last vacation on Gran Canaria. It was a wonderful trip and it is just beautiful over there. Actually, I would have flown to the Canary Islands in April this year, but unfortunately, like with so many others too, the corona pandemic thwarted my plans. But for that there is the memory with which you can bring happiness home and wander a little with your longings into the distance.

Well, the sun did not only brought me an incredible amount of joy at my trip to this island but also a bad sunburn. Incidentally we all know, it doesn't matter where you are, you can get a sunburn everywhere. I get sunburns in my garden, when I cycle my bike or ride my car, or just wherever I am exposed to the sun. If my skin doesn't receive enough protection, this is what happens. The affected areas of the skin that have vitiligo are simply super sensitive, so almost no sun protection usually works for me. I am used to use sun protection factor 50 for a long time now, but it is also mostly useless and I have no choice but to stay away from the sun as far as possible. Which is mostly difficult for me because I love sunbathing. Unfortunately, it's just not fun if you can't enjoy it. So I can't just lie down and sunbath or relax on the beach, otherwise my white spots would light up in pink tones pretty quick. Not that sunburn is dangerous in itself, it also hurts terribly and it is just uncomfortable.

In any case, after one day on Gran Canaria, I had no other choice then to enjoy the following 3 days of my vacation at the hotel room cooling my skin down, which was glowing. The greatest benefit for me came with natural yogurt. Which i didn't plan to eat at that time. I just used it to rub it on my sunburned skin. Dairy products like curd cheese and yogurt are good home remedies for sunburn. They give the skin a lot of moisture. However, it is controversial whether milk fat or lactic acid have a healing effect. I am of the opinion that nature actually offers us everything we need, so I give a yes to the healing effects. Especially since the yogurt personally helps me with sunburn and provides relief.

Let me know how you protect your skin from sunburn and what experiences you've had with sunscreen or natural products so far? I look forward to your suggestions, love, Selina

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