Summer 2020

What a year it has been. I know majority of us just want 2021 to get here already, and we feel like we’ve been robbed of a year. However, we’ve all done something great and I think we should take a second to appreciate our efforts.

It was actually an exciting year full of new ventures and kicking things off my bucket list. Most importantly because of all the time we had, there was space to work on myself. I’ve learnt a lot to say the least.

For the first time I spoke publicly about my vitiligo and began modelling the parts of myself I was once ashamed of. By doing so I’ve managed to spread awareness and help other people in ways I never imagined possible.

There are many of us who share our story’s and receive an influx of supportive messages and thankful ones too. And every time I receive one, it fills my heart with love. It reminds me why I do this. I am forever thankful for the team at Vitiligo Awareness International for opening this platform. Where we have been given the ability to find each other spreading love and support from all over the world. So much power on one URL.

I hope everyone ends the year with some great memories, and happy times. And now that summer is here, for all down under, make sure you soak your vitiligo with Zinc! The Aussie sun can be unforgiving at these times!

Thankyou all for sharing your stories and following my journey this year! I look forward to what crazy things we will do next. 🥰

This year I learnt to let go of yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow; so that I can appreciate what I had right infront of me - Today. Which is all we have to define tomorrow.

“What day is it?”

“Today” squeaked Piglet

“My favourite day” said Pooh

-A.A Milne

Writer: Sarya Kayal

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