We have learned to hide our spots. Couldn't that be the headline? In many cases, it may do the same. I don't want to hide my spots, but I would like to report that they have different colors. If you look closely, you can see it very well. Especially on my arms and under my eyes. These spots are not just white or brighter, it may also be that the skin is additionally pigmented in other tones. Under my eye, for example, it is a dark brown spot. So I have three different skin tones. Surely even more tangible for the eye are these three tones. My original skin tone, which I sometimes refer to as Honey Tan or Golden Tan, and my white and dark brown vitiligo spots. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that someone has hit me in my eye or that I am sad or tired. These are actually the standard statements. That is not the case. Well, sure i do be tired and sad sometimes, but that has nothing to do with that. I also don't feel like putting on make-up every day or hide my spots with any cover pens, just because the general public might think that it would look better. But this is a different topic and fortunately there are now, also in the beauty and fashion world quite great changes and advances, which not only the body-positive campaigns, but also the diversity projects. Not to mention many wonderful organizations like the Vitiligo Awareness International.

How are you doing with that? Does your vitiligo also have different shades? Are your spots constantly changing and taking on different patterns and shapes? Or are they rather stable and will you only discover with difficulty or perhaps twice a year that a new stain has been added? How is this the case with you? If you want to tell your story, then contact me and I will help you write your blog post. Greetings, Selina #vitiligomodelgermany

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