• Andrea Islas

Selflove is the best love

Being surrounded by love this week has had me thinking about what Valentine´s Day really means. It´s not just about the love between a couple, it´s about love in general. Every type of love; family, friends, and specially selflove.

Today I read a quote that said, “The relationships you have are a mirror of your selflove”. And I couldn’t agree more. They say we accept the love we think we deserve and a lot of times we are afraid to be ourselves, because we think they are not going to love all the versions of us. But the truth is, that every fear I project to the other person, is something that I have not worked out with myself. Which means, that if there is something I am afraid they are not going to like about me, is going to be something I don’t like about myself either. So, why would I expect the other person to love me the way I am, if I don’t do it myself first?

When I look at the love around me, the love of my family and my friends… I realized how lucky I am and what a beautiful mirror of selflove I have. I can’t say that the mirror has been as beautiful as the one when it comes to relationships as a couple. But something that I do realize is, I have found to love my vitiligo so much, that that’s one thing they love as well.

When I receive messages on my Vitiligo awareness Instragram, about being afraid that they will not be accepted if they Vitiligo expands. Or that they are afraid they won’t find anybody who will love them because of it, I always like telling them that first we have to love it ourselves before we expect anybody else to love it.

We project everything we believe and our perspective in things… and whatever beauty we see, is the beauty we can show to others.

So, to find somebody who will love you as you are, you need to love yourself as you are first.

Sometimes selflove could be a hard journey. It will always have its ups and downs, nobody can say its a flat line and always a positive one. Sometimes we need a reminder or someone to guide us to the right path when we lose our way. And it's then when I'm super thankfull for such amazing mirrors around me, beacuse they always help me find my way back.

I hope you have some of those too. XOXO

Written by:

Andrea Islas