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It was funny and above all professional. The shoot, (on 1.11.20'), with Christian, the photographer from Ulm/Germany, is known on social media as Bensch Fashion Photography.

We started in the portrait and fashion area. I had several outfits with me. From the loose, casual jeans, which I combined with a jade-coloured (green) wool top and a transparent cream blouse, to a bohostyle trousers with a matching coat.

I came to the shoot myself quite naturally, without any makeup.

If the photographer does not already express any special information or wishes regarding the hair or the make-up in advance, nowadays I drive to the planned shoot in natural or nude look. This allows the photographer to take his own picture without being blinded by a layer of make-up. This time, too, it paid off, because this allowed us to coordinate with each other and implement our ideas in a targeted manner. Christian wanted a nude look with a slightly accentuated eye area. A bit of powder, eyeshadow and eyelash, hair styled and the look was ready within a few minutes. Of course, this should really succeed in the blink of an eye and in the 5-10 minutes while the photographer is busy setting up his lightning. In any case, it takes some practice and routine. After wonderful portraits and fashion shots, we had agreed to in advance, dedicated to the "Out-of-the-Box" series (Sensual series) by Christian. A 'sensual' shooting does not automatically means nude photography. Everyone decides for themselves how much skin they wish to expose. In addition to the skilful use of light as a design tool, it also requires the photographer to be able to communicate with his model, among other things, in order to build a positive relationship. Which again is professionally implemented and understood by Christian. Sensual portraits play with sensuality and a deep view into the soul. For this I had chosen a cuddly big poncho, with which I covered myself and at the same time preferably brought my vitiligo out in front of the camera. It was a wonderful interplay between camera, photographer and me and it was worth it. Not only were the pictures published in Marika Fashion Magazine, I can also be seen on the cover of the Marika January issue. But the most beautiful thing is to be able to contribute more awareness and tolerance for Vitiligo.

Many thanks to Bensch Fashion Photography for the great atmosphere as well as the relaxed and fun collaboration.

Written by: Selina Reinhart www.selina-reinhart.de

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