Vitiligo from a mother's perspective

Updated: May 15, 2020

Mommy Diana

A Mom means everything for a child. Small children generally look at their mother as an angel on earth. It is important for them to be seen and loved as the best in their mother’s eyes. Therefore, yes, it's hard when something happens to a child or if it's look becomes different to any other kid. The most important thing is that you learn to accept and love your child's qualities for yourself first. You cannot look at the child sympathetically and hide your thoughts, it will read and understand everything out of your eyes. To me it seems that the disapointment that is seen in a mothers eyes is the worst thing for a child. The disappointment could be too big that you aren't the child your mother wanted. In my case, as a Mommy, it was more like that i fell very quick in love with Diana's vitiligo spots.

But Diana had to accept that vitiligo is forever. I made all my close relatives to love Vitiligo like i did and I immediately decided not to show Diana to the doctors. I didn’t want my child to think that there is something wrong with her or that she decides that she get sick with something. So far, we have not been to a single doctor yet and in our card there is nothing written of the diagnosis of vitiligo. Then I decided to go look for people with the same issue to show her that she is not the only one. I hired photographers for shootings to show everyone that Vitiligo is beautiful, that this is not a defect, not an illness. In the beginning we had to deal with a wide variety of cases. Some girls didn't even come to the scheduled photo session or decided to cancel an hour before the photo session. We started taking pictures without anyone else and filled Instagram with our own view of Vitiligo.

Suddenly letters came from all over the world, letters of admiration and gratitude. Yes, there were reviews and unpleasant letters too, but that's all nonsense for us. There are wonderful people like photographers, musicians, artists, directors and creative people who are open to diversity.This is a tremendous support for people with unusual looks. The best part is, that Diana now get invited by herself to creative projects and photo shoots. She experienced music video clips and the Kids Fashion Runway, just to name two. Also we get a lot of positive respond and get to know amazing people from all over the world. Diana now feels so comfort in her own skin that she dreams of marrying a man with Vitiligo and have Vitiligo children. So for me, as a Mommy, it was all worth it and i look with exitement at my daughters future.

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Many thanks to Diana's mother and her trust in me. It was an honor for me to be able to write this blog article. I can already tell you that you are going to read some more from me about this beautiful young lady, cause i am already one of her biggest fans :) I hope you enjoyed the blog post, greetings, Selina Reinhart

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