Daily Routines

Somehow everyone has their habits ... or maybe their daily routines. Be it coffee in the morning, brushing your teeth before or after breakfast or a cozy glass of wine in the evening. Sometimes you're in the flow and sometimes everything just goes wrong. However, the daily pitfalls usually remain, no matter how the day goes. But something like this can also become a psychological stress that you may not even be aware of and that tends to take place in the lower room. What if the focus lies on the skin daily?

When uncertainty, fear, malaise become routine. I think there are many aspects here that are really driven by today's fashion and beauty industry. Be it the daily make-up, hyaluronic acid or whatever else is out on the market. What I want to add is that I caught myself subconsciously dealing with my spots every day. Whether I hide it or not. Whether I apply makeup to cover it or just go out of the house to be stared at knowingly. Whether I wear a T-shirt or pull my long sleeves over the back of my hand. Short or long pants. Open shoes or sneakers. No matter whether I find my vitiligo beautiful or not, I am confronted with being noticed every day. You could now say that it is a very nice thing to deliberately deal with your body. But it always depends on how you interpret it and how much you can take or want to carry with you. Daily looks can become routine, a positive "I am noticed" or a staring and excluded. Also, you may not always want to be noticed. Here I consciously choose the word "perceived", because as an optimist I am more concerned with making things appear in a positive light. It is also a fact that unusual attracts attention. A skin that does not meet the norm is the first thing you notice. Without even evaluating it. Of course, you could now kindle the discussion about what is the norm anyway, but I don't want to open this lid at all, because in the end we would end up with some exotic pink elephants or in the process that the history books would have to be rewritten.

Is it routine or a habit to hide my stains? Have we learned to hide our spots?

Maybe putting on powder in the morning before work is routine and rolling your sleeves before you run into the gas station is a habit ...

What do you think?

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