I am delighted to announce that the cooperation between Little Yoga World & Vitiligo Awareness International Foundation fullfills a long-awaited heart wish for me. As a blogger, it is also now possible for me to focus more on the topic of vitiligo and children with vitiligo and thus contribute to general support in the sense of the VAI Foundation. I no longer just want to tell my own story also the ones of the affected children and their view of vitiligo. As a Vitiligo model, I choose my cooperation partners with great care and am therefore happy to provide creative exchange for organizations that provide information on this topic. It is even more important to me, as a woman with an obvious vitiligo, to encourage all those who do not feel comfortable in their skin. Those who struggle and are confronted with it every day, those who are not allowed to move freely and to be mocked out of fear or to be looked at crookedly.

As a mother, educator and founder of Little Yoga World, it is close to me to focus on the younger generation in collaboration with Vitiligo Awareness International. Children and their families in particular are often awkward and unsettled at first. A platform like the VAI Foundation can help and make a big difference in building to belief in himself. The blog posts are going to be written by me in English and German and appear on here and also on my own Website I hope to be able to enrich my readers with inspiration and joy from my blog and look forward to positive feedback.

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