• Andrea Islas

A Rainbow of feelings.

Lately I was thinking about different battles that we all encounter. Obviously, we do not face the same issues or the same problems, but everybody deals with something in their lives, and that´s a fact. The truth is, we don´t always like to show the world all of our colors and I guess that´s normal. We don´t like to share our darkest colors and of course we don´t like it when we feel gray. It´s easier to demonstrate when everything is bright and shiny, besides that´s cooler. But what if we become brave enough to show all the colors that we truly are? What if we show the world that we are also vulnerable and sometimes we are not okay? I believe that maybe we can find a little bit of compassion between us, because we can all relate to some of the pain or the struggles that somebody is facing. Even if it´s caused by different things.

I know that a lot of us might struggle when facing our insecurities and fears. That some are still working on building that self-confidence, acceptance and selflove that your vitiligo or any other condition influences on making it even harder. I am not going to say that is something easy and I can´t really tell you the process or the steps on how to get there, but what I can say is that we should appreciate life itself. We should celebrate that with spots or not; we have a beating heart, we have a future to look forward to, we have tons of possibilities in life where we can rock our uniqueness. We have to remember that things can always be worse and that life can change with a blink of an eye. We have to take a moment to realize how we would want to live our last days if we knew tomorrow was our last.

I know it can sound a bit dramatic, but I believe it's just realistic. The times that we are living now has shown us that we can´t take anything for granted and that we should be grateful for what we have and where we are. We just have to do our best to give the world the best of us in return.

Normalizing that there are days that we can´t feel our brightest colors or that not everything has to be social media perfect. This can take a little bit of pressure of that process. If we remember that everybody has their days off, especially when you are comparing yourself to another. To that person who looks happy all the time or super confident with their body and skin and frustrates you, because you are not there yet. Remembering that can make us feel a little bit more human and patient with ourselves and our process.

So, try to enjoy every part of the ride. Take a moment to feel all of your feelings, acknowledge them. Make them a part of your process and steps on through your journey,  but don´t stop looking forward and always try to find your way back to those bright and shiny colors of feelings that makes us feel more alive.

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