Getting stuck in life is a commonality everyone seems to share. No matter where you are from or how you think, we all reach a fork in the road that can sometimes throws us off track. The trick, I find, is not to stay there. Pick a path and go with it. Make your assessments, do what you need to do, just keep moving. I was always stuck in summer; stuck deciding what to wear without looking weird, without being too hot. For many years winter was my favourite of the seasons because it meant not having to deal with my insecurities surrounding vitiligo. I could cover up and remove myself from the display shelf. It gave me the ability of feeling somewhat normal for at least a season.

It never occurred to me, in my moments of the “why me self-pity party”, that someone else could have it worse; I hated what my legs looked like, while others were living life without theirs. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy being warm and cosy, roasting marshmallows in my imaginary mansion, but times have changed. I no longer feel sorry for myself, and I’m definitely not sorry if my spots make anyone uncomfortable. After about 2 decades, I finally learnt to dance in the rain.

Gratitude is the reason why I have been able to get where I am. It has allowed me to make sense of my past and has brought a lot of peace to my life.

Pictured in this blog is my first ever professional photo shoot. It was in public, by a waterfall and for some reason, maybe because God felt like throwing me a curve ball, there was an entire audience. I was literally mortified, not to mention it was only six degrees (exaggerated) and slightly raining. Nonetheless, we managed to get a few good takes. Photos aside, the experience alone was one that I recommend for anyone. Everyone has their own undeniable beauty, but I think we all deserve to feel on top of the world every once in a while.

This experience, being around a waterfall, it reminded me to be grateful and keep flowing. No matter what the world decides to throw at you, or what mountain you need to climb, be grateful and keep flowing.

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