Here at VAI we encourage everyone to be their self and to not be ashamed of any "differences" regarding stigma. We allow no boundaries regarding etnicity, culture, religion or gender. We believe that it's important to accept mankind and humanity as well as they are evolving.

Everyone (and even animals) can be diagnosed with Vitiligo regardless of etnicity, culture, religion or gender. This is why we welcome everyone who feels connected to our mission, vision and ambition!

As a quickly growing international foundation we are looking for people, companies, organization or foundation who would like to work with us on a global basis with of course fulfilling our main mission: Creating Vitiligo awareness worldwide!

At this point we have several possibilities for you to work with us:


  • VAI Team Member
    As a VAI team member you are able to fulfill certain task for the charity foundation that fit within you skills or talent. Think about task such as: social media marketeer, PR accountant, graphic designer, etc. Click here for all available task within team VAI.


  • International Ambassador
    As an international ambassador you are one of the proud faces of VAI. You are allowed to promote the foundation, it's work, be involved in projects and more! Contact us for more information about the international ambassador program.


  • International Partner
    As an international partner you are either a brand, company, organization or foundation with a common mission, vision and ambition. We would love to give you the opportunity to gain more visibility on an international level. Of course partnerships come with offical terms and agreements. Contact us for more information.


  • Sponsor
    As a sponsor you have either a brand, financial resources or any other type of goods or services that may benfit VAI and it's mission, vision and ambition. Sponsorship agreements come to realisation when both parties see mutual benefits. Official terms and agreements will be made about what you will gain in return. Contact us for more information.